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Excentrik Album

ZATOON present Now Here Nowhere, the full length debut album by Bay Area multi-instrumentalist/multi-vocal stylist/producer Excentrik. From the opening sounds of “Loungy Arabs”, this album establishes its own world of musical genre as Excentrik’s lyrical flow and mastery of percussion, guitar and the oud blend in perfect harmony and rhythm with his eclectic mix of collaborators (featuring Zatoon family’s Mitch Gibson, Rhythmatik and Jenna Davi, international emcee Narcycist, and activist/musician Nora Barrows-Friedman). Equally at home expressing his Palestinian roots and his American upbringing through hip hop, rock, funk, and downtempo flavors, Excentrik’s music gets deep into the soul and uplifts the spirit in these troubling times. A Zatoon classic!

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